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Nest Hanging Chair

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Our Nest Hanging Chair is crafted from durable semi-sanded rattan, providing a rustic look and structural stability. The use of flexible and strong rattan ensures long-lasting durability, while the rope suspension offers secure and comfortable support. The chair's dimensions are 33" x 28" x 49" H, with a white frame and foam cushion for added comfort.

Our Nest Hanging Chair is crafted from semi-sanded rattan with a diameter ranging from 1'' to 1.5''. This size choice provides both structural stability and a rustic aesthetic. The use of rattan, a strong and flexible material, ensures the chair's durability while maintaining a natural look. The chair is suspended using a rope, which is designed to be 78'' in length when doubled. The use of semi-sanded rattan in our Nest Hanging Chair offers durability and a charming, natural appeal. The rope suspension, measuring 78'' when doubled, ensures secure and long-lasting support for the chair.

Nest Hanging Chair Features:

  • Dimensions: 33" 28" 49" H
  • Main Color: White
  • Rattan Frame
  • Clear Lacquer Topcoat
  • Solid Foam Cushion
  • White Marine Grade Cartenza Cover

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