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Our pledge  Sustainable Business

With Each Order We Receive | We Give Back

Each Order plants 3 trees  Rescues 10 plastic bottles from the seas

Plant Trees: Reforestation Project

Almost 75% of the Earth's surface has been changed by human activity. Each tree you plant empowers local communities to participate in environmental stewardship and combat extreme poverty. Supporting reforestation projects and economic opportunity in Honduras.

Climate: Offset Carbon Emissions

Helping rural families switch to efficient cookstoves reduces 2.5 tonnes of annual carbon emissions. This initiative transformed 40,000 traditional cooking fires into energy-efficient stoves, benefiting 200,000 people in Malawi.
Helping rural families switch to safer, cleaner, more efficient cookstoves.

Rescue Plastic: Plastic Bank

Today, over 5 trillion pieces of plastic litter the ocean. Your efforts support the creation of ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities, providing positive economic opportunities for those involved in plastic collection. Ethical recycling ecosystems that create positive economic opportunities.