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Naka Organic Edge Outdoor Coffee Table

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Naka Outdoor Live Edge Coffee Table

Each of the Log coffee tables are entirely unique, full of natural intricacies which are to be celebrated. These pieces are constructed from the root of a teak tree, a part which is usually discarded in the manufacturing process for furniture constructed from teak timber.

Naka Outdoor Live Edge Coffee Table Features:

  • Dimensions: 38" 44" 16" H
  • The Naka Coffee Table Is Made From Cast Resin In The Shape Of Natural Tree Trunk. Light Weight And Fully Exterior. Pairs Perfectly With The Naka Outdoor Sidee Table.
  • We recommend a simple and effective cleaning and care regimen for our products.

    Use a light application of mild soap and water with a spray bottle or dampened soft cloth to clean the surface of your piece.

    Follow with a fresh dry towel to wipe away any excess moisture that remains.


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